Erica Mather

Forrest Yoga Guardian.  October 22-27

Join New York City-based Forrest Yoga Guardian Erica Mather for a residency exploring Forrest Yoga Core Values. Whether it’s a Forrest Inspired Vinyasa class or an old school PURE Forrest Yoga class, these values show up. Come along for the journey! These Core Values were identified by Erica through her 20 years of Forrest Yoga study and practice.

Friday, 10/22 @ 5:30-7:30p
A fun and playful Forrest Inspired Vinyasa workshop, we’ll explore how essential the element of curiosity is to literally everything.

Saturday, 10/23 @ 10-12:30p
In this Forrest Yoga backbend workshop, you’ll discover all over again how Forrest Yoga is a heart-centered practice, and feel what it is to connect to your heart.

Sunday, 10/24 @ 10-12:30p
In this Forrest Yoga hips, inversions and arm-balance workshop you’ll do a deep dive into the essential requirement of stalking and tracking your fears.

Monday, 10/25 @ 8-9p
Forrest Yoga teaches you how to be yourself. In this Forrest Inspired asana and pranayama, meditation class, you’ll ride the breath to get in touch with the truest renditions of your self.

Wednesday, 10/27 @ 12-2p
Yoga ought to make us better at all of our relationships. For relationships to be real and authentic, one must be able to tell others our truths. In this Forrest Yoga class, you’ll revisit this essential skill…finding and articulating your truth.

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