Fall Asleep with Alexandra – June 24 @ 6p

A workshop for those who struggle falling asleep


Join Kapha Queen and Pro Napper, Alexandra, for an evening of relaxing yoga, facial massage, meditation, and breathing techniques, all dedicated to help teach you to fall asleep. Everything you learn is applicable to do at home and help change patterns that might be causing you restlessness, anxiety, and fatigue.
We all know sleep is important, and we spend 1/3 of our lives in dreamland! But if you can’t seem to get the proper rest, it affects the other 2/3 of your life in a big way. When you improve your sleep, you will improve your life. There are simple techniques to add or subtract from your usual patterns, and they feel good.
Bring a blanket or two, a pillow, wear comfortable clothing, and don’t wear make-up. Candles and essential oils provided!
Wonderful for people who:
– Can’t relax when it’s time for bed
– Have racing thoughts that keep them up
– Have no bedtime routine
– Can’t stay asleep
– Want to learn techniques to fall asleep more easily & quickly
– Are interested in learning how to start lucid dreaming
– Want to relax for 2 hours on a Friday evening!
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