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Michael is back! December 10-31

Michael is teaching a bunch of Bikram and BIK60 yoga, some Hatha, and a special Hips class with his signature Unity Vinyasa. Be sure to check our live schedule to see when he’s teaching!

Unity Vinyasa workshop class: December 29 at 12pm

Unity Vinyasa is the next evolutionary step of vinyasa yoga. Unlike many other random vinyasa classes, Unity Vinyasa is specifically designed to allow students to find meditation in their movements and in longer held poses and an increased likelihood to experience a flow state. The secret is the precisely timed synching of breathing / pranayama with the motion of transitions and the mechanics of the poses / asanas. Come experience the true potential of vinyasa yoga.

After a 75 minute heated class, Michael will give you a crash course on how to use Unity Vinyasa to advance your asana practice and incorporate it into your teaching. He’ll also touch upon his Practical Spirituality methodology, applying heightened mindfulness to everyday life situations to decrease stress and increase peace of mind. Michael’s “practical approach” is influenced by A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and Alan Watts, in addition to the great ancient yogic teachings and modern day advancements.

This workshop can be a game changer for any yoga student or teacher. Especially new vinyasa teachers who’ve done a 200hr. training but are still struggling or haven’t been able to get hired to teach a regular class. It’s also very useful for those considering their first training. On a wider scale, the techniques clarified in this special class can greatly benefit any type of athlete; particularly runners, swimmers, cyclists, or mixed martial artists.

Allow Michael to help you breathe new life into Vinyasa Yoga.

$29 for everyone. $19 for yoga teachers. 15% off for YEA members.

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