Breathe Deeply.  Move with Purpose.

Connect with your Best Self!

Your journey towards feeling better starts with a commitment to yourself.

Only $49!

When you start, you will:
– Tune in to your breath and feel more connected to your body and mind
– Reduce stress levels and move through life more peacefully
– Build strength, mobility, and confidence

– Your 3 weeks of unlimited yoga will begin when you take your first class!


Our 1500 sq. ft. yoga room has 14 ft. high ceilings, and is equipped with a high-end HVAC setup that includes:

  • An Energy Recovery Ventilator & CO2 monitor to help pull in fresh O2 from outside when needed
  • UV lights that help kill germs and viruses in the ducts before any airflow gets into the yoga room
  • Industrial sized exhaust fans that stay on during all yoga classes, pulling CO2 up into the ceiling, and pushing it outside our floor-to-ceiling windows
  • A SECOND Energy Recovery Ventilator for lobby area and changing rooms