This year SXSW is all about the future

Before you step into the world of speakers, concerts, and exhibitions, step into the present. Find yourself at Yoga East Austin’s SXSW event on March 14th! Get a taste of all the different classes, every hour, on the hour!

We’ll have stuff you’re familiar with and new things to try, all taught by your favorite YEA teachers. Center yourself with a little heat, some long holds, lions breaths, ride some CARS, and watch the sun go down with a guided meditation and music. Mellllllllllltt.

Schedule (starting with Hottest):

9a Hot Detox – Feel fresh from the inside out! Ellie teaches a scorching hot class to start the day! Some of the 26 postures you know and love, all the fire you want, quick and clean!

10a Holy Hatha – Practice with the holy trinity! Alexandra, Jodi, and Crystal lead a super fun Hatha class with traditional postures from the Ghosh lineage.

11a Yoga S!zzles – Get down with some sweet tunes while you move through a heated hatha sequence. Is it a dance party or a yoga class? It’s hard to tell with JC!

12p Forrest FeelingsKamryn is here to help you get in touch with yourself. Full conscious breaths paired with long holds will help you feel all the feels.

1p Tibetan Hips – Learn the fountain of youth with Tessa! The ancient practice of the 5 Tibetans, mixed with postures to open and strengthen the hips will make you feel full of vitality.

2p Kinstretchin – Yoga is not all about being bendy. Gabriel will show you how to strengthen individual joints, so yoga feels better, dancing feels better, LIFE feels better!

3p Rocket RollGil is always rockin’! Rocket Yoga is taken from the traditional Ashtanga practice, and given new life – made fun and playful!

4p Pranayama Prime – Explore your inner landscapes through the vehicle of breath. Tessa teaches different techniques to uplift, center, and calm the mind.

5p Dharma DuoPat and Sara are back in town to teach all the fun postures in a quick Dharma sequence! There’s a little something for everyone in this playful style of yoga.

6p Sunset Soundbath – This is a really special treat – Susan will guide students through a meditation with singing bowls and other instruments – prepare to feel calm, tranquil energy wash over your body and mind.

$10 suggested donation per class
$30 for a full day’s dose ($20 for members)

Sign Up for Classes HERE!