Wim Hof Method – October 3 @ 9a

Breathing Workshop & Icebath with Erik

Plus, Soundbath & Yoga with Jillian

Come experience the Wim Hof Method: Breathwork… Ice Bath… Commitment

Wim Hof Certified Instructor Erik Milosevich is teamed up with International Yoga Teacher, Jillian Coogan to give you an incredible experience!

Learn the science behind the Wim Hof Method, how it works, and all the incredible benefits. Move your body in a breath guided exploratory journey. Enjoy and expand yourself as you experience the Wim Hof Breathwork while being bathed in the healing sound vibrations of crystal bowls. This promises to be a treat for everyone, whether you are an experienced Wim Hof practitioner or just starting out. All leading up to a transformative ice bath!

Upon completion you will have the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to continue your own practice and have the tools to deal with everyday anxiety.

“Feeling is understanding” – Wim Hof

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