Yancy Scot Schwartz in ATX

For the first time in Texas!

We are incredibly grateful and happy about Yancy making the trip to see us from his current home in Los Angeles! Originally from New York City, we share some of the same yoga friends such as Jared McCann, Rose Erin Vaughn, and Benjamin Sears.

Yancy spent much time practicing and teaching at the Dharma Yoga Center, learning from his teachers Dharma Mittra and Yoshio Hama. Yancy has also spent time in trainings with our friend, the legendary Rocket yoga trailblazer, David Kyle! The dude has had some great teachers and we are so stoked to learn from him this Summer.

Here’s what Yancy is teaching at YEA:

Friday, June 21 at 6p:  Maha Shakti
This is an open levels Dharma yoga class. It will be a nice and slow, very meditative class working on the subtle body with pranayama and chanting, as well as the physical body with traditional asana. There will be lots of hip openers for lotus prep and arm balancing for inversion prep, followed by a mellow wind down with relaxing asana and a short meditation.
Saturday, June 22 at 9:30a:  Levitate & Take Flight
In this workshop style class we will be downloading the tools and movements to turn your world upside down! Yancy will help us gain an understanding of the 3 major energy locks (bandhas) and help direct that energy with core activation, leg engagement & flexibility, compression, and pelvic stabilization & mobility to work on getting the hips over the shoulders. This will prepare us for all kinds of headstands, pincha forearm, and handstand variations.
Saturday, June 22 at 3p:  Rocket 3
This Rocket 3 master class will include a modified mix between primary, secondary and even third series poses from Ashtanga series. It will include lots of transitions, stopping along the way to explore these fun alternatives and inversion transitions. Yes, there will be lots of inversions in this practice and Yancy will surely show you all of his secrets and tricks to get you there faster!
Sunday, June 23 at 9:30a:  Maha Sadhana
This is a Dharma Yoga I master class: a Hatha Raja Yoga practice. In Hatha (Sun & Moon) you hold the poses a little longer and the Raja (Royal) refers to studying the 8 limbs of yoga also known as the Royal Path of yoga. This practice includes chanting, pranayama, meditation as well as traditional asana. Dharma Yoga is from the linage of Sri Dharma Mittra who is a living yoga master. A hallmark of Dharma Yoga is the variety of postures that are explored. In this workshop Yancy will introduce and help you learn a few of Dharma’s 908 postures, then celebrate with an asana jam at the end to cap off the weekend.