Benjamin Sears: February 1-3

We are thrilled to host super human Benjamin Sears!

Earlier this summer Gabriel, Alexandra, and Emily got a chance to practice yoga with Benjamin at his super lush and finely curated retreat, LUXYOGA, in the beautiful landscape of Southern France. Yes, the amenities and hospitality provided were world class, but the yoga Ben & Tatiana taught was far better, which is exactly why we are so stoked to host them in Austin!

Benjamin will be teaching 3 yoga workshop classes and 2 strength & movement practices. We are excited to combine these two practices because they are so complementary to each other. The movement practice will add strength and longevity to your yoga asana practice! PLUS – Benjamin is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider, and all Yoga Alliance certified teachers will receive 10 Continuing Education hours to add to their resume and maintain certification compliance.


Here’s a description of what Benjamin is teaching:

Bikram Yoga & Your Inner Mirror: Friday at 6pm

Up your skill and turn effort into grace with Benjamin’s practical 4-pillar system.  This is not about hotter, harder and longer, but about connecting to your own neurology for a therapeutic and uplifting practice. Join us for an all-levels practice, details, and laughs with a highly experienced and masterful teacher.


Mobility and Strength: Saturday & Sunday at 9:30am

Focused mobility training carves neurological connections, builds functional strength and flexibility, and prevents/heals injuries. No gimmicks here; this workshop teaches simple ways to get your joints moving optimally for any level.  Elevate your exercise, tone all the spots, and improve your Yoga postures with a curated integration of Functional Range Conditioning and Ido’s Portal method. Saturday our the focus is on Lower Body & Core, Sunday we focus on Spine & Upper Limbs. We strongly recommend attending both days to maximize the impact of the mobility work.


Sacred Geometry Hips, Folds & Freedom: Polish the Past: Saturday at 11:30am

Cobwebs gather in corners! Learn to use your edges to unlock your center, make clean physical folds, and clear out the clutter. The full volume of every posture is an ongoing exploration that requires technique that’s more refined than simply stretching. Up your awareness and make flexibility functional again!


Sacred Geometry Backbending: The Arc of the Future: Sunday at 11:30am

Learn to use your own proportions to chart a course through every posture on a journey from effort to grace. An intelligent backbending practice rises, ripens, and settles for an enriching buzz of opening the front (your lungs) to the future without waking up the next day still stuck in the past (lower back pain).

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