Benjamin Sears

20 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Training Immersion

Designed to explore and connect individual joint function, Yoga Asana physiology, handstands, meditation, and a few good laughs. Over the weekend you will develop the skills and knowledge to promote the progress you crave over the patterns that hold you back. Whether you are a student searching to upgrade your practice or a teacher seeking new tools to support your students, this intensive immersion will empower you to evolve. Benjamin is renowned for integrating diverse modalities into a simple package that up-levels self-awareness and enhances sustainable personal development.

Until December 31 (and Autopay Members): $425

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Everything you do is part of your practice, and you are not one thing, but a constellation of information. This 20-hour training will reveal that the way to up your skill and awareness is not to run only one race, but to learn to connect concepts that have been curated to help you know yourself and embody your potential. The practices:

That Smooth Joint: articulations refined for Yoga & Life
Make strength where you need it, and space where you don’t have it. Optimize yourself by isolating joints so that muscles operate properly to unlock usable ranges of motion. When each joint in your body can move without compensation from other areas, you maximize potential and minimize pain.

Sacred Geometry Vinyasa Practice, Pranayama & Meditation
Learn to use your own proportions to chart a course from effort to grace. Refined techniques and rich metaphors create a practice of sustainable intensity that balances strength and flexibility. Think clean folds for smoother floats, stability for arm balances, backbends that don’t hurt your back, and conceptual consistency that makes your own body the map for moving meditation.

Mind Food
Interactive explorations of the philosophy of practice, and practical techniques for self-inquiry including but not limited to the magic square of Katonah Yoga.

Skill Practice & Breath Work
Focused work towards specific skills (including handstand and press handstand) scaled to those in attendance. Walk away with a plan to go where you want to go and the vision to avoid common pitfalls. Unwind it all with restorative breath-work that asks you to sign on to nothing but consciousness.

Sample Daily Schedule
9 – 10:45AM That Smooth Joint
11 -12:45PM Skill Practice & Breath Work
12:45 – 2:15PM – BREAK
2:15-3:45PM  Mind Food
4:00 – 5:45PM Sacred Geometry Vinyasa

About Benjamin Sears
Benjamin Sears is an international teacher cited as “a master” by Yoga Journal. In 2007 he opened LUXYOGA, a legendary retreat center in the South of France. Benjamin developed the Sacred Geometry Vinyasa Yoga System and leads teacher trainings worldwide. Forever a student, he is a former athlete who used yoga to heal from a litany of injuries and surgeries, and is committed to orienting students towards a healing path. He draws upon empathy, experience, and his certifications in Forrest Yoga, Katonah, Dharma Mittra, Bikram Yoga, and Functional Range Conditioning, as well as studies of the Ido Portal Method, Astanga Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Wim Hof Breathwork, Marma Ayurveda, and Mindfulness Meditation to teach what works. Benjamin is renowned for integrating diverse modalities into an accessible system that transcends dogma and empowers students to know and grow themselves.