Forrest Yoga Immersion with Erica Mather

A Deep Dive Into Basic Moves
3 Days. May 20-22
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Join Forrest Yoga Guardian Erica Mather for a weekend immersion of the real and energetic anatomy of the Forrest Yoga Fundamental Moves. These 8 “moves” are key for yoga & movement exploration, and unlocking your own journey of inner discovery & transformation.

The Forrest Yoga Basic Moves are anything but basic. They are a fundamental instruction that continues to refine and deepen and become more advanced the longer one spends with them. They are an empowering codex that gives you the tools to self study in each and every pose and provide a frame of reference to carry into any style of practice. They say as much through what they don’t instruct as through what they do. They invite the student to get curious about anatomy, how it functions, and what are healthy patterns for one’s own biologically unique body. They provide a map for vinyasa, how and where to connect breath to movement, in its most concrete format. 

In morning asana classes, we’ll practice and explore how the basic moves work alone, and together. In afternoon classes, we’ll mix asana along with basic anatomy and kinesiology lessons, plus starting to unpack the language of metaphor and the body, wellness and health, and the energetics of anatomy. 
Join us for this deep dive!

Daily Schedule

9-11:30am: Yoga Intensive
11:30am-1:30pm: Lunch Break (Daily Restaurant Recommendation Included)
1:30-5:00pm: Afternoon Yoga + Anatomy Lesson (with Possible Surprise Field Trips)
5:00-6:00pm: Ice Bath

Friday AM: Breath & Prana
Friday PM: Telescope & Tuck
Saturday AM: Root & Tuck
Saturday PM: Reach & Wrap
Sunday AM: Wrap & Relax
Sunday PM: Breathe & Relax