Surround Sound

A Healing Experience with Danielle Goldfarb

Saturday, April 22, 6-7p

What to Expect

Allow your body to soak in vibration and shift into a higher frequency as you become completely enveloped in sound. 3 Planetary Tuned Gongs, large crystal bowls, water instruments and more. Join seasoned sound practitioner Sound Healing with Danielle as she takes you on a somatically experienced journey through sound that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for more.


About Danielle

Having attended a sound bath on a whim, Danielle had such a profound experience, she started attending weekly. Fast forward to several months later, she noticed how feeling good, that often, positively impacted the landscape of her perceived reality. Everything just felt BETTER. Desiring to share what she had been given, she became a certified sound healer in 2017. Danielle feels incredibly lucky to have accidentally fallen on this path. Holding space and co-creating conscious community is truly her passion. Connect with Danielle on Instagram @soundhealingwithdanielle