26 Hatha yoga asanas (postures) & 2 pranayama breathing exercises practiced in a hot room for 90 minutes. The postures and their order never change so you can keep track of your daily health. This is a beginners’ yoga class, and highly recommended for anyone starting a yoga practice.

60ish & 75 minutes of Bikram yoga. Same 26 asanas and 2 pranayama – just a little less here and there to help you get your practice in, and back to work or home in time for dinner! We recommend a regular and consistent 90 minute practice before jumping into these classes!

This class is a fusion of Hatha yoga asanas from the Bikram Yoga and Classic 84 classes. Credited to the Ghosh College in India, and offered at many Hot yoga schools, this class introduces beginning hot yoga students to arm balances, inversions, and hip focused asanas missing from the Bikram Yoga class.

Smart Hatha yoga asana sequenced to help you end your day. 60 minutes of stretching in a warm room, or what we like to call just the right amount of chill yoga at 8pm!

If you know you know…the classic 2 hour class of 84 Hatha yoga asanas as taught by the Ghosh College in India, and made widely popular by Bikram and long time hot yoga teachers.