Manuel Oria from Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico

Back in ATX!
August 26-28

Breathing Hacks for a Fast-Paced World

Friday, August 26 @ 5pm

To welcome the weekend we gather for an interactive community talk on the importance of developing a closer relationship with our breaths. In this fast-paced decentralized living our breathing apparatus can become your most effective tool for higher productivity and focus. If you’re feeling physical and mental burnouts your daily breathing habits may have the solution. We will learn how to implement techniques based in Classical Pranayama, Oxygen Advantage and Wim Hof Method into our daily routines with a strategic approach in a way everyone can easily relate and actually make it happen. Class includes a bonus guided relaxation to reset the senses.

Rocket Legs & Balance

Saturday, August 27 @ 9am

This is a Rocket 1 led vinyasa class heightened by experiencing deeper focus on the legs and working joint precision when it comes to balancing in our legs. Like all Rocket classes with Manu, expect out of the ordinary transitions, good music, good vibes and infusions of humor to elevate each others prana as a community. Expect to feel like floating after class.


FRC Protocols for Yogis who Love their Knees

Saturday, August 27 @ 3pm

Unfortunately for most people practicing most forms of yoga, they find at some point of their journeys that they experience (in many degrees) limitations, injuries and/or chronic pain in their knee joints because of the nature of traditional asanas and how they are taught. This workshop aims at deconstructing the knee joint anatomy as it is and finding strategic ways of applying the methods of functional range conditioning system within your existing asana/movement practice. The focus will be on building joint capsule strength, developing usable ranges of motion through active flexibility and increasing body-mind connection. We will work each students level of experience and share honest tips based on Manu’s own journey of knee rehabilitation after several injuries and surgery.

Intermediate Series, Beginners Mindset

Sunday, August 28 @ 9am

Ashtanga Modified Second Series as taught by Manu in Puerto Rico. We will dive into the essence of the of the Ashtanga Intermediate Series: the breath, the spine and the nervous system. We will experience as a group the importance of the Beginners Mindset as we breakdown the movements into manageable packs of information. Class will be led with a forward thinking and decentralized approach towards modifications to unveil the true value of practicing. For most Ashtanga students this class will feel like a good pit stop for your Ashtanga Primary Series journey. This class is also perfect for beginners to build a strong foundation for spinal movements and learn strategies to level up and mitigate injuries.


Rocket Arms for Unlimited Handstands

Sunday, August 28 @ 3pm

FRC meets Rocket! This is a flow class and workshop hybrid for yogis looking to take a closer look to handstands and the foundation of it: your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders! We will infuse FRC protocols and Calisthenic techniques into the Rocket 2 sequence to level up your awareness and experience effective new ways of conditioning the joints for your upside down journey. As we go through, Manu will share all the tips and tricks in a realistic and relatable way for you to develop a mindful approach towards inversions in yoga.

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