Breath, Backbending & Balance

Are you breathing in your backbends? How about in your balancing poses? How about during stressful moments off the mat? Learn how to incorporate focused breathing and more mindfulness in everything you do; in any style of Asana, exercise, and in any situation you face in life. Expect to encounter some of the same physical Asana training as the OG Bacbend Saturday Spine class, with increased focus on breathing, and time set aside at the end to workshop any advanced backbends or balancing poses you’re curious about.

You might have met Michael last year when he was in teaching with us. He is by far the most patient and compassionate teacher we have hosted. Michael meets every student where they are and gently encourages them to their limitless potential.

He is passionate about sharing what he’s learned from his teachers as well as in his dedicated practice and independent studies. Michael will help to bridge the gap between your time on and off the mat, and empower you to better integrate a complete practice to be the best you!

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