Rocket Yoga Immersion!

With Gil Perez & Kate Cunningham

September 29 & 30

Love Rocket Yoga and want to learn about its origins? Considering teaching or want to dive deeper into the practice? Or are you an Ashtangi looking to open it up and fly out of the box?

This immersion is for you! Join Gil and Kate for this quick, but dense immersion that includes 4 different Rocket classes, plus its history and foundation that honors its birth from the Ashtanga yoga practice. Yoga teachers receive 12 hours of CEU from Yoga Alliance. 

Friday, 9/29
12:30-1:30p The Rocket

Rocket Yoga has three sequences: Rocket 1 & 2 are the most common ones, plus Rocket 3 which is the combination of both.  But THE Rocket (with no number) is the starting point, also known as a modified version of the Half Primary sequence of Ashtanga Yoga. Suited for beginners, but for all levels too, and those that can add more as they like.

1:30-3p Lunch
3-6p Lecture/Workshop

Lecture – Welcoming and brief history of Larry Schultz (creator of Rocket Yoga).

Workshop – Practicing the fundamental arm balancing with Rocket transitions and their modifications.

6-7:30p Rocket 1

Rocket 1 is based on the Primary Sequence of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is designed to strengthen and stretch your legs, hips, shoulders. Includes hip openers, forwards folds, twists and some backbends. Plus, we are going to add fun standing balancing poses and inversions. A great class for grounding, gaining balance, flexibility, and to relax your mind.  All Levels.

Saturday, 9/30
8-9:30a Rocket 2

Rocket 2 is based on the Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga (also known as the Intermediate Series).  This sequence is a student’s favorite.  Includes all the fundamental arm balancing poses and transitions with lots of upper body and core work drills for handstand.  Also, a back bending sequence that makes the Rocket 2 the counter stretch of Rocket 1.  Spinal twists included.  All levels.

930-12p Brunch
12-4p Lecture/Workshop

Lecture – Overview of the sequence of Rocket 1, 2 & 3.  Students will receive a pdf file cheat sheet of all three Rocket sequences birthed from the traditional Ashtanga Yoga sequence.

Workshop – Inversions, fundamental basic alignments, jump backs and jump throughs, Sun Salutations and down dog variations.  Basic hands-on adjustments.

4-6p Rocket 3

This sequence includes all the poses of Rocket 1 & 2.  Still suited for all levels, modifications included.  Breath work at the end, before Savasana.