A Guided Meditation Through the 7 Planets of the Chakras

Saturday, March 20 at sunset, 6-7:30p – REGISTER HERE

An immersive evening of navigated sound healing.
Experience a guided journey through the sacred cosmos of your inner-self. Connect to the inner solar system of your 7 chakras through the sound waves of analog synthesizers, Tibetan singing bowls, Aboriginal didgeridoos, stringed instruments, and deep percussion.

The instruments will be tuned to the  “432hz” frequency. This specific tuning is linked to deep healing effects for the body & soul, and DNA repair. Participants simply relax and listen as the sounds and words guide them on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration. The result is deep relaxation and peace, a shift in consciousness that enlarges the scope of our vision and experience, and an opening and cleansing of the body’s energetic system.

Every sound bath experience is different  – sometimes more bodily sensations are perceived, other times the experience is an emotional voyage, and other times people observe lights, colors, or images similar to that of a lucid dream. At times the sound bath will activate the subtle mind and body, and people will receive creative insights, or work out issues they couldn’t solve prior.


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