Sound Healing Certification

with Danielle Goldfarb, October 22-23

Attention all healers, yogis, therapists and/or sound bath enthusiasts:
Join Sound Healing with Danielle for a 2 day sound healing intensive, October 22nd + 23nd, learning how to provide transformational sound journeys for individuals and groups through various instruments while immersing yourself in a beyond cathartic sound healing experience.
Over the past 6 years, she has facilitated hundreds of sound journeys and through her years of experience has designed a certification to teach you her method and all the nuances to create transformational experiences for others while stepping into your power to facilitate with grace.
Sound healing is a powerful modality that is scientifically proven to align energy, heal trauma, relieves anxiety, stress and insomnia, alleviates physical pain and so much more.
If you are called to incorporate this practice into your life or create a business in service of others, this certification is for you.

You’ll receive several hours of hands-on experience with various sound healing instruments including multiple Paiste planetary tuned gongs and 432 hz singing bowls, several chimes and other high vibrational instruments. While we do go over many technical aspects of learning these instruments, these trainings are set up to be a deeply healing experience to help activate the healer within.Whether you’re looking to simply learn about sound healing, how to incorporate it into your offerings, or if you have the ambition to begin hosting your own sound baths, we invite you to join us for 2 full days of discovering yourself and your gifts through sound.

No prior experience or instruments required. We will have multiple instruments for you to learn from including your own set of crystal bowls that will be available for purchase at the end of training.

We’ll cover:

-How to hold a space for groups and facilitate your own sound bath

-How to help people feel profoundly better

-Finding your own voice to lead others

-How to incorporate sound healing in your private practice

-How to help yourself heal through sound

-How to master the crystal bowls

-Techniques and application of striking multiple Planetary Tuned gongs

-Spiritual significance of these instruments

-Science behind sound healing

-The implementation of mantras and intentions in sound healing

-Other sound instruments to include in your sound bath

You’ll receive a certificate of completion after the training.

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Saturday & Sunday: Ocotber 22 and 23
9am – 5pm (2 hour lunch break, 11:30-1:30)
Tuition: $777. YEA Members get 15% OFF! (REGISTER HERE)
A deposit of $377 reserves your spot (RESERVE HERE)