Strength & Grace with Pat McCleaf & Sara Gruss

Saturdays In August!
Eager to stick your handstand, forearm stand or headstand? This is for you. We’ll cover the building blocks of hand balancing, transitions, and inversions. Gain mastery in technique and unlock your inner strength! 

“Foundations” – August 7 @ 12p

Master the basics of vinyasa yoga. We’ll breakdown the sun salutations as well as seated transitions. Learn to stabilize the shoulder joint and take weight into the hands. Access compression and internal pressure to maximize strength and grace in transitions. Practice drills to access core strength. 

Take It Up!” – August 14 @ 3p

Use what we’ve learned in the first session and let’s get upside down! Review mechanics of the hands/wrists/shoulders. We’ll focus on handstand and forearm stand, with a touch of headstand. Invert with confidence and trust in yourself!

“Effortless Grace” – August 21 @ 12p

Pressing into handstand offers a smooth, steady entry in to the pose. It requires a coordination of strength, flexibility and breath. We’ll share drills and techniques to help you access your own innate power. Whether you’re brand new to the press or just on the edge, this is for you.

Each workshop will include options for all levels of students. No experience required.

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