Sunset Sound Healing with Ellie
December 17, 6:00-7:15p

Each experience comes with a focused intention and this next one is called Sunset Sound Healing Vibes. We begin discussing the intention and then move into a few breathing exercises followed by a guided meditation. After a solid preparation we move to the sound healing where Ellie uses various crystal bowls and a Moon gong, along with some related directly to the 7 chakras, gamma wave bowls, and a pair of perfectly harmonized 432hz singing bowls. Ellie also uses a modular synthesizer which creates pure analog sound to further shape the frequencies of the bowls creating a deeper ambient soundscape. An ocean drum is also used. At the end of the mediation we will close the practice with an Om and Sat Nam to help you carry the experience along with you. Hope you can make it!

Every sound healing experience is different  – sometimes more bodily sensations are perceived, other times the experience is an emotional voyage, and other times people observe lights, colors, or images similar to that of a lucid dream. At times the sound healing will activate the subtle mind and body, and people will receive creative insights, or work out issues they couldn’t solve prior.


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