Super Sonic

A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Super Sonic Yoga + Meditation with Albina Rippy
Friday, August 25 & September 22, 5-7p

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Join us for a fun and playful Super Sonic yoga class with Albina Rippy set to music in a warm room.  Be prepared to sweat, go deep into the poses and leave feeling a true yoga bliss.  Once we loosen up and open our bodies, we will be ready to finish the class in a deep meditation.

Albina, a Forrest Yoga Guardian, uses the intelligent sequencing of Forrest Yoga to help you experience your yoga practice in a new and delightful way.  Connect in feeling with your breath, integrate the innate intelligence of your whole body to step into your power and be guided by your inner wisdom and intuition.  Albina is a big believer that we all have the power to create a life beyond our wildest dreams … through yoga and meditation.  Come and be inspired by her stories of synchronicities and effortless ease in life, business and manifesting magic.

About Albina Rippy: a Forrest Yoga Guardian, serial entrepreneur, success coach, inspirational speaker, hotelier and world traveler.

Forrest Yoga Guardians are highly experienced Forrest Yoga Teachers who are carefully hand picked by Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco. Guardians hold a place of honor and integrity for the Forrest Yoga teachers. Guardians pledge to be the keepers and protectors of the Forrest Yoga legacy.

After a decade of starting and growing her businesses into thriving communities of yoga, healthy, holistic lifestyle, personal growth and transformation, Albina Rippy sold all of her worldly possessions to travel and explore the world together with her husband and daughters and fluffy dog, Dante.

Albina Rippy adds massive value by contributing to the success and happiness of people around the world through her success coaching.

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Register Here: $30 (Free for YEA Members)