Jared McCann is Back!

February 23-27, 2022

Support Your Spine: 50 Hour Backbending Training

Stop forcing backbending postures and learn to backbend with ease through proper support, smart technique, and breath. Over 5 days, Jared McCann and co-teacher Rebecca Causey will help you rebuild your backbend from the ground up. 

In this 50hr training we will explore the mechanics of backbending through the lens of yogic “bandhas” or locks. Bandhas create energetic stability and continuity within the spine, and are important for any student looking to safely practice more advanced backbends, but also for students who feel stuck in more basic backbends like Cobra, Bow, and Camel. 

During the intensive we will have a daily meditation and pranayama session, daily vinyasa classes, posture clinics focusing on the mechanics of how to support backbending postures, and anatomy sessions. Students will learn how to better support their backbends to find more stability and connection to their spine.

This training intensive is open to all levels of yoga practitioner and YA certified teachers will be eligible for 50hrs of CEUs.

Daily schedule: 


8:00am – 10:00am: meditation + asana class 

10:00am – 11:30am: Backbending Posture Clinic 

11:30am –1:30pm: Lunch Break


1:30pm – 2:45pm Lecture/ Discussion: anatomy of backbending 

2:45pm-3:15pm: mudra meditation + silent meditation 

3:15pm – 4:30pm: Inversion Training + Backbending  

4:30pm – 6:00pm: Pilates w Yoga Unwind 


$1,199 (YEA Members & JMY 200/300 Hour Graduates get 15% off)

Can’t make all 5 days?

REGISTER HERE for daily Morning Session (8-11:30am)
REGISTER HERE for daily Afternoon Session (1:30-6pm)


Jared McCann is the founder of Lighthouse Yoga School in Brooklyn, New York. Jared believes that yoga is a powerful tool which assists human progress, allowing each individual to peel off layers of their “identities” in order to uncover their own true nature. He believes that through yoga, practitioners feel part of something larger than themselves, and are better able to see their own divine place in the universe.

Jared is an international yoga teacher and holds an advanced E-RYT 500 designation. He is the two-time national and 2013 world asana champion. Jared has studied yoga extensively with Dharma Mittra, Ana Forrest, and Mary Jarvis. He has nearly two decades of practice in Ashtanga, Bikram, Dharma, Forrest, and Iyengar yoga and combines these disciplines in his vinyasa series. He continually studies new and old traditions and integrates them into his practice and teaching.

Rebecca Causey is a lifelong student of movement and meditation and has taught yoga asana (Bikram, Hatha + Vinyasa) for over 13 years. Also a Pilates teacher + anatomy specialist, she intertwines Pilates principles in yoga class to help her students develop strength and mobility, avoid injury, and develop a more comprehensive understanding of their mind, body and breath. Rebecca loves working one on one with students to help them find more precision and depth in their practice and specializes in helping her students find relief from chronic pain.

Rebecca teaches yoga + anatomy at yoga teacher trainings around the world, sharing the knowledge she has gathered from studying with teachers she admires and the wisdom she has gained from her own personal experience.