Why Yoga for New Years Intentions? by Alexandra

1. Yoga is meant to be maintained, be a habit, to change your life! It’s not a one and done accomplishment- instead it will build on itself, and do the same for you improving your life as time goes on.


2. Yoga enhances and subtly promotes other life goals. Overtime yoga helps you eat better, talk better, sleep better, work better, etc.


3. Yoga goals come from within – not from how someone on instagram that tells you how you should look/feel/improve.  In class, you feel clearly and deeply what your body needs – it’s the most personal and loving thing you can do for yourself!


4. It’s achievable! Doing 1-2 hours of yoga a day a few times a week is manageable and sustainable!


5. Yoga is ADDING to life, which is so much more fun than subtracting from life! We get caught up and discouraged by feeling like we need to subtract (eating out, consuming less sugar, quitting whatever), but yoga is pluses all around! More flexibility, more breathing capacity, more community, more strength, more inner peace, more flower petals blooming!


6. It’s self-care, but your work benefits everyone! Your yoga influences your spouse, friends, coworkers, pets, kids. People can feel when you feel good. It’s that simple!