Bikram Yoga: The Original Hot Yoga

26 asanas (postures) & 2 pranayama breathing exercises practiced in a hot room for 90 minutes. The postures and their order never change so you can keep track of your daily health. This is a beginners yoga class, and highly recommended to everyone.

26 & 2 in a heated room, every day

Rocket: Ashtanga Inspired, No Heat

Our Bikram teachers are also 200-300 Hour RYT certified in Vinyasa. Most have studied and taken teacher trainings with David Kyle, Ana Forrest, Dharma Mittra, Jared McCann, and Rose Erin Vaughn & Yoshio Hama

Mondays & Wednesdays 9:30a, Tuesdays & Thursdays 12p

Backbending & Hips: Happy Spine, Happy Life

Inspired by our teacher Mary Jarvis, these two classes are meant to keep your hips and spine healthy. We’ve all witnessed first hand how all backward bending heals the spine and keeps you living the life you want! As Mary says, “all important appointments get cancelled when there is something wrong with your spine.”

Saturdays 12p & Sundays 12p

Hatha 90: Bikram & Beyond

Some of us have been teaching for 10+ years. We remember this class Bikram taught us back in early 2000s. Now it’s credited to the Ghosh College in India, and widely popular and offered at many Hot yoga schools. This class offers everything the Bikram class is missing (hips!).

Mondays 4p & Fridays 9:30a

2Hour Yoga: Classic Hatha 84, Rocket, and Dharma

A look into our teachers’ Sadhana practices – including pranayama, meditation, Nauli kriyas, mantra and asana. Rocket Yoga every first Wednesday. Dharma Yoga every third Wednesday. And the classic Hatha 84 postures as taught by Bikram and the Ghosh College all other Wednesdays.

Wednesdays 12p

Bik60: 60 minutes of FIRE

60ish minutes of Bikram yoga. Same 26 asanas and 2 pranayama – just a little less of here and there to help you get your practice in, and back to work or home in time for dinner! We recommend a regular and consistent 90 minute practice before jumping into these classes!

Mondays & Fridays 12p, M-W 4:30p, Tuesdays 8p

Hatha 60: Stretch to Unwind

A little smart Hatha sequencing to end your day. 60 minutes of stretching in a warm room, or what we like to call just the right amount of chill yoga at 8pm!

Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 8p